Samsung Wants You To Trust The Galaxy Fold

Samsung Wants You To Trust The Galaxy Fold

Samsung has released a video of their device being stress tested.

Trying to allay fears about the durability of its hybrid smartphone, Samsung says that the Galaxy Fold will last for at least five years of normal use.

The renders of the Samsung Dual Folding Smartphone, created by LetsGoDigital, shows that there are no screen edges and it has a full-screen display.

Pre-registration for the Galaxy Fold launched earlier this week. The company has released a video that shows handsets being tested, and it also gives a good opportunity to see how the hinge operates.

Samsung states that though this amount of folding may seem excessive, they view it as "vital to ensuring the durability of device's hinged design and Infinity Flex Display".

The Xiaomi Mi Fold was revealed in a super-short demonstration earlier this year. It's unclear how much the foldable device will cost in Canada, but with the US price tag coming in at $1,980 United States dollars, it's likely that the Galaxy Fold will cost approximately $2,655 CAD. After all, things that fold tend to form creases, and as cool as a bendable display is, no one wants to use one with a giant damaged vertical strip running through the center.

The Galaxy Fold user lauds the hinge, and says that it is sturdy enough and doesn't bend the phone the wrong way, accidentally causing it to break. This leaves you with a almost edgeless phone display that's a bit wider.

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