Trump talks to GM CEO about OH plant closure

Trump talks to GM CEO about OH plant closure

Trump, along with politicians from states impacted by GM's plan, publicly pushed the company to reconsider. In a statement at the time, GM cited "changing customer preferences in the U.S." when announcing the layoffs. "I asked her to sell it or do something quickly", Trump wrote in the tweet sent at 6:27 p.m. The union has sued the automaker over the closures. She blamed the UAW Union - I don't care, I just want it open!'

Earlier in the day, the president had already lashed out at the local UAW president, David Green, saying he "ought to get his act together and produce".

General Motors announced the plant's closure in November, putting 1,500 people out of work. The company also intends to close four other North American plants by early next year.

The last Chevrolet Cruze rolled off the assembly line on March 6 at Lordstown, the first of five plants in North America to end production this year, and ending USA production of the Cruze. It was not immediately clear which companies he was referring to, or if they were American or worldwide automakers. Trump - who frequently references the US economy and low unemployment rates in tweets, during meetings with world leaders and in gaggles and interviews with reporters - often complains he doesn't get enough credit for successes.

General Motors says in a statement released Sunday evening that the future of plants scheduled to be closed "will be resolved between GM and the UAW", referring to the United Auto Workers union. In a February letter shared by the news outlet, Green implored Trump to make a case for the facility. In July of 2018, Green penned a letter to the President asking for his assistance in funneling new investment into the plant.

"While this may not seem that important to you, it will have a devastating impact on many families, business and communities, especially here in the Mahoning Valley, a place that I call home", the union official wrote to the president in February. GM did not immediately respond to requests for comment late Saturday.

Barra and Trump initially had a good relationship as she joined him for meetings and roundtables promoting the USA auto industry. He has set out to renegotiate various free trade deals, in part to encourage automakers to produce at USA facilities.

On Sunday, the president lambasted GM and its CEO, Mary Barra, for the decision.

GM has faced substantial pressure from Washington to keep the facility running. Now that the Lordstown, Ohio, plant has built its last Chevy Cruze, the President has stepped up his attacks on the automaker.

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