Trump's 'party of health care' lacks a plan

Trump's 'party of health care' lacks a plan

On Monday, the Trump administration said the entire Affordable Care Act should be struck down, in a dramatic reversal. "But it does help to shine a spotlight back for an issue that they believe will be helpful to them".

In a floor speech Wednesday, Tlaib said the resolution "creates a transparent process to ensure that the protection of our democracy, to ensure that we don't have a lawless society that results in irreparable harm to the American people", the Detroit News reported.

The Hoosier Republican also said that Republicans need to present a viable and credible vision ahead of the 2020 elections to the American people or Democrats will win on health care.

The administration on Monday night said in a filing with a federal appeals court that the entire 2010 health care law should be struck down after the effective repeal of the so-called "individual mandate". His failure to repeal the Affordable Care Act constitutes a broken promise to his base.

Trump's White House had already been supportive in the lawsuit brought by Republican state attorneys general to challenge the law's requirement that insurance plans cover pre-existing conditions and certain "essential" health benefits, such as pregnancy.

President Donald Trump is calling on Republicans to be the party of health care.

"Trump surprises Republicans - and pleases Democrats - with push to revive health-care battle", read the headline on the story by Toluse Olurunnipa and Seung Min Kim.

ACA opponents say it gives the government too much control over health care and doesn't do enough to control costs. "I think was a mistake from the get-go, they were the problem for me ten years ago trying to provide good coverage for my employees and it was like pulling teeth getting people to work at cost and be sustainable".

AP's VoteCast survey of more than 115,000 voters in the 2018 midterm elections found that health care was identified as the most important issue by 26 percent of voters, including almost 4 in 10 of those who voted for a Democratic House candidate.

"The taxing authority by Congress that led to the legitimate reason for Obamacare being upheld is gone", White House aide Kellyanne Conway told reporters on Tuesday.

"It is a top-of-mind issue for voters; and for Republicans, having a health care plan is very important".

Meanwhile, a coalition of conservative groups and several GOP state representatives previous year rolled out the Health Care Choices Proposal, which includes giving states more control and sending them a fixed amount of money, relaxing federal mandates and strengthening the private insurance market.

On Wednesday the president repeated his prediction that the GOP would be "the party of great health care". Lisa Murkowski, R-Alaska, were all deeply skeptical of a strategy that threatened to negatively affect health care for millions of Americans without a clear plan to fix the damage uprooting the law would cause in practical terms. John Kennedy, R-Louisiana. White House deputy chief of staff Christopher Liddell has been holding meetings with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's staff, but aides cautioned the talks were still in their infancy.

On Tuesday, House Democrats released their own proposals for amending the ACA.

The resolution will be first forwarded to the House Judiciary Committee, where the chairman will take a decision whether it should be taken into consideration and vote on it.

Why are the issues now attracting Trump's attention? It's jobs. The number two issue?

"Secretary Azar fully supports the Administration's litigation position in the Affordable Care Act case, which bears his name", Health and Human Services spokeswoman Caitlin Oakley said in a statement. "Then we're making a mistake".

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