What Apple is up against in the streaming-video world

What Apple is up against in the streaming-video world

Apple's news and video services will all be talked but how much details of the technology put in will be disclosed is still a dicey topic. It will involve Apple and developers cooperating to take games in the App Store and offer them as a subscription.

This video product, whatever shape it takes, will be competing for viewers' time and money against some of the biggest entertainment companies in Hollywood, which are creating, promoting and launching their own services in 2019.

Sources previously told Reuters that the company is targeting April for the launch of a streaming television service that will likely include subscription TV service.

"This is not new, but it is hard to do well". Unlike past March events, this year's Apple March 25 event is going to steer clear of hardware. How Apple will play the game is yet to be revealed. But Hastings is not anxious about them: when asked, he simply replied that competition is always good; not just for Netflix, but for users and content makers as well. As Apple is competing with the likes of Netflix - which can be consumed on nearly any device with a screen - exclusivity will be something that the tech giant cannot afford. Services revenue reached nearly $11-billion in the holiday quarter, up 19% from a year earlier.

New York Times chief executive Mark Thompson attacked the Apple business model and warned that relying on third-party distribution can be unsafe for publishers who risk losing control over their product.

These rivals are coming into the segment which has been transformed by the spectacular growth of Netflix and a growing movement by consumers to on-demand television delivered over internet platforms.

Netflix's new mobile-only plan is still more expensive than other streaming services in India. A report from Recode also suggested that Apple will offer its original content to users free of charge.

However, Netflix faces more than just new services from Apple and Facebook.

It's also unclear whether Apple will continue offering - or at least promoting - individual subscriptions. The company's said to have reduced its investment in autonomous cars, for example, while pushing to make the Siri virtual assistant better. The company may also discuss combining all these digital services into a single bundle, similar to Amazon's popular Prime programme.

The original shows will be a sweetener (albeit an expensive one for Apple to produce) to a subscription service users will access via the TV app on iPhones, rather than having multiple other apps and subscriptions.

While Netflix has shied away from the new platform, Apple has succeeded in building partnerships with the likes of HBO, Showtime and Starz. Exactly what the product will be is subject to speculation, but it may involve a credit card or a credit facility with Apple Pay.

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