Yep Apple has a Gaming Subscription Service Too, Called Apple Arcade

Yep Apple has a Gaming Subscription Service Too, Called Apple Arcade

To watch the live streaming of Apple's March 25 event that will unveil the tech giant's TV and video streaming service, users can go to the events page of Apple's website by using suitable browsers.

Apple Arcade is a new gaming subscription service with over 100 new and exclusive mobile titles.

Ahead of the launch, Apple negotiated deals that would let Apple bundle and sell networks at a discount, replicating a business model from the cable TV industry, one source familiar with the matter said.

That video is more like a testament to the power of making entertainment than a reveal of any actual information, but some actual details soon followed.

Spielberg himself will be reviving his 1980s television series "Amazing Stories" on the platform. The show will address our "complicated cultural moment".

See places Jason Momoa and Alfre Woodard in a dystopian future that takes place hundreds of years after a global virus decimated the world population and left the remaining members of humanity blind. Steven Knight (Locke, Serenity) is the showrunner. He's working alongside his partner Emily Gordon, among others, for a series about "immigrants doing everyday life stuff" - but he claims the show isn't about preachiness, but "human stories that feature immigrants".

Apple is putting a lot of weight behind the idea that it's helping people tell unbelievable stories, and it's doing so with original programming from a wealth of creators.

The invite Apple sent to invitees said simply, "It's show time". There's music and dancing, too.

Another big highlight featured director JJ Abrams and singer Sara Bareilles promoting Little Voice, which is about a young woman who wants to "find her voice as an artist and a person", according to Bareilles. Bareilles labelled it "a amusing, romantic show" about a young musician living in NY in a vibrant artist community. You can also play offline. "Many Canadians already engage with our content on Apple devices and we are looking forward to what this enhanced experience will bring".

Alongside the announcement of Apple News+, the world's first game subscription service 'Apple Arcade' has also been introduced today by Apple at the Steve Jobs Theater at Apple Park in Cupertino, California. It is called Apple News+ - a premium subscription that opens the gates to even more high-quality content for $9.99 per month. The presentation wasn't forthcoming about specifics beyond that, except that it will be available sometime this fall. Apart from this, the company also unveiled its mighty hyped Apple TV+ platform.

The company is producing its own lineup of films and TV shows that will be available via an updated version of the company's TV app on Apple devices.

Another selling point for its news service: Apple uses "on-device" intelligence to make recommendations, so that the company doesn't actually know what you read and the data can't be used to target advertisements, the company said.

The move could be seen as a first step to challenging streaming video leaders Netflix and Amazon, although Apple is taking a different approach by offering paid "channels" from HBO, Starz and Showtime alongside its own content.

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