2,750 Oreo cookies re-create Game of Thrones opening credits

2,750 Oreo cookies re-create Game of Thrones opening credits

Oreo had already teased the release of Game of Thrones-themed chocolate sandwich cookies, but the official announcement arrived on Tuesday along with a video re-creating the show's main title sequence with nothing but Oreos.

Nothing ever seems starkly black and white in the seven kingdoms of Westeros, but in real life people can enjoy watching the final season with a black and white classic fit for a king (or queen).

OREO and HBO have announced the release of a limited edition, "GoT"-inspired cookie, spotlighting the Great Houses still battling for the Iron Throne and their enemies beyond the wall". But instead of the typical Oreo design, these Oreos are embossed with the sigils of famous families in George R.R. Martin's fictional universe: House Stark, House Targaryen, House Lannister, and one dedicated to the Night King.

Fans of the show (and the cookies) can pledge themselves by tweeting or posting on Facebook with the hashtags #GameofCookies and #ForTheThrone for a chance to win special prizes throughout the season. A commemorative box will also be holding the cookies in place, which features a sleek theme and the Game of Thrones font.

Oreo and HBO teamed up for the most delicious ‘Game of Thrones’ credits sequence ever

The new-look Oreos will hit shelves nationwide starting April 8, ahead of the Season 8 premiere on April 14.

These aren't just regular Oreo cookies.

(Oreo/Elastic) An Oreo cookie filled scene from the newly created opening scene from Elastic, HBO and Oreo.

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