Brexit: A crisis that resists hasty solutions

Brexit: A crisis that resists hasty solutions

In the Commons, the Prime Minister brushed off a call to resign from veteran Eurosceptic Sir Bill Cash who described her acceptance of the latest extension to the Article 50 withdrawal process as an "abject surrender".

"As far I know she doesn't have any intention of leaving until that deal is done", Hammond said in an interview with Bloomberg TV's Francine Lacqua at the International Monetary Fund meetings in Washington. And there are still few signs that British lawmakers will approve Theresa May's proposed Brexit deal, further prolonging the political chaos.

Many Labour lawmakers are pressing their leader Jeremy Corbyn to demand a new referendum in talks with the government. "The government is opposed to a confirmatory referendum and therefore we would not be supporting it".

British Prime Minister Theresa May was expected to meet with EU Council President Donald Tusk to discuss the offer.

She insisted that if MPs could pass a deal before 22 May, Britain could still avoid having to participate in European parliament elections and leave the EU at the end of that month.

She was present at the launch of Farage's new party and speaking at the event she said she wanted to make politicians "listen to what the people have said".

Two European officials say EU leaders are offering to allow Britain to extend Brexit until October 31 and are awaiting the U.K.'s response.

The former UK Independence Party (UKIP) leader was a leading light of the pro-Brexit camp in a bitterly divisive 2016 referendum that voted to pull Britain out of the European Union after almost half a century.

For two years, May pledged that Britain would leave the European Union on March 29, 2019.

Brexit Secretary Stephen Barclay admitted last week that "asking the public to hold elections for an organisation we are meant to have left would damage trust in politics".

After failing to win over her own hawkish MPs, Prime Minister May is taking a different approach - reaching out to the opposition Labour Party to try to get the deal voted through.

Like many things Brexit-related, the extension was a compromise.

Following the decision early Thursday by the European Union to delay the U.K.'s departure for a second time, not much is clear about Brexit bar the certainty that the divisions in British society and in Parliament will remain. May's plan to transform the relationship is excessive, there are others who have condemned it as tantamount to a betrayal, relegating Britain to "vassal" status to the EU, particularly because of the backstop arrangements for Ireland that would put the United Kingdom into a customs union with the EU that couldn't be ended unilaterally were future talks to break down. He said the government was trying to limit the economic fallout of that decision.

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