Cyprus: Suitcases in lake match suspect’s claims of 7 deaths

Cyprus: Suitcases in lake match suspect’s claims of 7 deaths

Cypriot media identified them as Livia Florentina Bunea, 36, and eight-year-old Elena Natalia Bunea, who are believed to have been missing since September 2016.

Officers have been searching a man-made lake which is part of an abandoned copper mine, and a police official said a suitcase has been discovered using remote-control cameras.

Cypriot investigators and police search a flooded mineshaft where two female bodies were found, outside Mister village near the capital Nicosia, Cyprus, Monday, April 22, 2019.

Chargé d'Affaires Judy Barbara Robianes said the embassy has reported the cases of the missing Filipinas to Cypriot authorities and have continuously followed up with them on those cases.

The suspect has admitted to killing seven foreign women and underage girls in total, according to police sources, and police have already recovered three bodies, all Filipina housemaids.

A second police official confirmed the suspect had claimed responsibility for seven killings.

The victims - all foreigners- include Marry Rose Tiburcio, 38, from the Philippines, whose bound body was found April 14 in a flooded mineshaft.

The Philippine government is trying to verify the identity of two bodies recovered from the abandoned mine earlier this month.

The suspect on Thursday also pointed investigators to a military firing range, where they discovered another unidentified body, which according to the suspect belongs to a woman of either Nepalese or Indian descent.

It reported that Cypriot probers said a witness testified in court that the suspect has in his possession photographs of Arquiola's temporary residence permit that was taken the day she supposedly disappeared in December 2017.

In court hearings, police said the army officer was suspected of having approached the dead women on an online dating site.

The suspect can't be named publicly because he has not been charged with any crimes.

Officers located a body at the range late Thursday after the suspect provided directions for where to look, the official said. Investigators plan to keep interrogating him to determine if he told the truth.

Police said five British law enforcement officials, including a coroner, a clinical psychiatrist and investigators who specialise in cases involving multiple homicides, are coming to Cyprus to help with the investigation.

"So we are searching step-by-step with divers", the fire chief's spokesman Andreas Kettis told AFP.

Cypriot police are also searching for the body of a missing six-year-old Filipina girl, daughter of one of the murdered women, in a case which has shocked many living on the holiday island that is relatively free of serious crime.

The mother of one Filipina, who had been searching for her daughter, met with Cyprus Housemaids Association president Louis Koutroukides, who wrote an open letter to the justice minister past year urging political figures to push for more aggressive investigations, one local news-site said.

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