Days Gone's free DLC makes survival even more unlikely

Days Gone's free DLC makes survival even more unlikely

The base game you receive on 26th April isn't the be all and end all of the Sony Bend experience though, as multiple free content drops are set to extend the life of the game past launch and into June at the very least.

Days Gone is only two days away from release now, meaning some of your pre-orders are likely being prepared for dispatch. However, for those that don't mind a challenge, it should provide hours of additional fun.

On top of the addition of "Survival" mode, each week beginning in June, the game's free DLC will include a new Bike, Horde, or Combat challenge that will be added as a way to test players' abilities even further with Days Gone's protagonist Deacon St. John. These challenges change up key gameplay features as a way to earn additional items and rewards. Although Bend will be providing further details in the coming weeks, which should give us a better idea of the specific challenges we'll be faced with. "Survival" mode jacks up difficulty, disables fast travel and survival vision, and diminishes the heads-up display so that indicators and maps are absent. Players will be forced to courageous the post-apocalyptic wilderness of the Pacific Northwest without on-screen indicators or a mini-map.

Anyone who manages to complete the game on Survival difficulty, or indeed any of the weekly challenges, will gain access to various Bike skins and trophies as a reward.

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