Fan tackles Bret Hart during WWE Hall of Fame speech

Fan tackles Bret Hart during WWE Hall of Fame speech

Hart was attacked by a fan in the ring during the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony at the Barclays Center on Saturday night.

Hart was making a speech alongside WWE star Natalya as part of the induction for The Hart Foundation (Hart and Jim Neidhart). One fan managed to catch all the action WWE cut, and watched as wrestlers swarmed and forcibly removed the man from the ring.

The good news is that Hart, who is 61 years old, suffered no injuries during the ambush.

The 2019 WWE Hall of Fame was supposed to be about honoring some of the company's greatest superstars. Hart was previously inducted individually in 2006.

The suspect was promptly subdued by several people who came to Hart's defense.

Hart didn't require any medical attention after the incident and was even composed enough to finish his speech when the man had been taken away.

Bret Hart wasn't feeling very good after that went down either. After things settled down, Drake Maverick told the crowd to ignore the incident before Bret and Natalya continued on with their speech.

Here's the full exchange of the fan attacking Bret Hart.

The fan rugby tackles Bret to the ground before a dozen security staff and other wrestlers are quickly on him. "The individual has been turned over to the proper authorities", the WWE said in a statement.

"We got it back on track".

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