FY2018 PlayStation 4 sales down as Sony gears up for next console

FY2018 PlayStation 4 sales down as Sony gears up for next console

What's more likely for fiscal year 2019 is the PlayStation 4 surpassing the lifetime sales of the original PlayStation and Wii, which both sit just north of 100 million.

For anyone expecting a launch of the next-gen machine as soon as possible, Sony has said to The Wall Street Journal's Takashi Mochizuki not to expect the console anytime in the next year. The PlayStation 2 is now the best-selling console of all time, with more than 155 million units sold.

The report shows how Sony total sales stand at 96.8 million units of PS4 worldwide.

Sony have been posting their financial reports and it's champagne all round as once again they have had their best year ever in terms of net and operating profit, breaking 2017's record. Which is expected due to the console time in the market.

Sony has now confirmed the existence of the PS5, but there are still few details about when we might expect it to hit shelves. In that call, Sony said that the service has seen about 40 percent annual growth and that the bulk of players now spend their time playing downloaded games rather than streaming titles. This falls in line with the industry tradition of releasing the next-gen consoles around the holiday season to maximize sales.

For nearly everyone, PS5 news came nearly out of nowhere.

As shared by Kotaku's Jason Schreier, in fact, dev kits have been shipped, or are still being shipped, this month.

The disclose that Sony will not launch the next PlayStation for the next 12 months is actually coherent with all the latest PS5 release date official information and all the leaks and rumors.

Sony's gaming and services division helped generate 35% of the company's overall profit, and was its highest earner ahead of Sony Music and Sony Pictures. As of now, many have surmised that the PS5 could cost $499, which would make it cheaper than the 60 GB PS3 was at launch ($599), but a little more expensive than an original PS4 was at launch ($399).

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