Google Finally Fixed Ambient Display Screen Flashes on Pixel 3!

Google Finally Fixed Ambient Display Screen Flashes on Pixel 3!

Pixel 2s are still available from several third-party vendors.

The Google Pixel 2 and its bigger brother, the Pixel 2 XL, are officially nearing the end of their life cycles as they have disappeared from the companys store.

As spotted by Android Police consumers who directly visit the Pixel 2 page are now pushed to the Pixel 3 listing instead - mirrored by Google's Australian website too.

It's unclear if this now means other online stores will follow but it seems Google wants to focus all of its attention on the Pixel 3.

The disappearance was foreshadowed by discounts on Pixel 2 and XL in February of $100 and $250 respectively.

Additionally, typing in the previous URL for the Pixel 2 will now redirect users to the Pixel 3. Google stopped selling the Pixel and Pixel XL on its store around this same time a year ago. That doesn't make it any less a shame. Previously, the older Pixel 2 was selling for $649, which still made it the most expensive entry-level smartphone from a manufacturer, but it was better than only carrying the Pixel 3.

This leaves Google without an entry-level phone in its store. Amazon has refurbished Pixel 2s starting at about $315 and new ones for $560.

So going forward, after you update to the April patch, your Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL should no longer flash at you every time it wakes from ambient display. Otherwise, you are looking at at least $800 for its newest flagship.

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