Kate Middleton has family problems due to Prince William's possible infidelity

Kate Middleton has family problems due to Prince William's possible infidelity

And if she takes inspiration from the website, the children will have fun doing everything from Easter egg decorating to a themed Easter egg hunt.

"Kate will be crowned alongside William at his coronation in Westminster Abbey", Burrell told Us Weekly. "It's taken a long time to get to where she is today, but she's ready". And even though she seems like she's the more calm of the two, Princess Charlotte obviously has her share of pull in the royal family - Kate Middleton is always holding her when they're out and about.

Their fun and friendly relationship matches that of their parents, Prince William and Zara. Meanwhile, Kate carried Charlotte on her shoulders and George rode atop his uncle Mike Tindall. There have been multiple reports that Queen Elizabeth II would like to ignore the line of succession and skip over Prince Charles to make Prince William her successor. As the Prince of Wales is already 70-years-old, it may be fine to plan for his son's ascension. "William and Kate are the favourite royals to take the crown in many generations, so the people of the United Kingdom are very excited about it".

Prince George takes a ride on Mike Tindall's shoulders during family day out

The crown has almost 3,000 diamonds that include a 105-carat Koh-I-Noor diamond in the middle which presented to Queen Victoria in 1851. The stunning crown was created by the then-royal jeweller, Garrard & Co.in 1937 for Queen Elizabeth, and is decorated with around 2800 diamonds - the most notable being the 105-carat Koh-i-Noor diamond in the middle of the front cross. When the former queen died, the diamond became a part of the Crown Jewels collection. It was transferred to the Queen Mother's crown. At the time being, Catherine will don tiaras like the Cartier Halo Scroll she wore when she got married in 2011.

At events like diplomatic receptions and state dinners, Middleton often wears the Lover's Knot Tiara that features diamonds and pearls.

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