Lyra McKee: Friends of killed journalist protest outside dissident republican group's office

Lyra McKee: Friends of killed journalist protest outside dissident republican group's office

Police in Northern Ireland on Saturday arrested two teenagers in connection with the fatal shooting of investigative journalist Lyra McKee was shot and killed during rioting Thursday night.

A statement issued by the hard-left republican political party Saoradh on Friday sought to justify the use of violence on Thursday night.

We have received very positive support from the community but we need to convert this support into tangible evidence that will enable us to bring Lyra's killers to justice.

Friends of Derry murder victim Lyra McKee have held a protest at the headquarters of dissident republican group Saoradh by placing red handprints on the building's wall.

Police in Northern Ireland said they had released without charge two young men arrested in the investigation into the death of journalist Lyra McKee who was shot dead during riots in Londonderry.

The PSNI has asked to meet with local community leaders and influencers to help them identify any witnesses or those with information.

One community worker told the Sunday Times: 'Tensions had been rising in the area and there is a strong belief that they were being stoked by dissidents for the benefit of the film crew'. "It's going to be a celebration of her life, and if people would like to wear Hufflepuff-, Harry Potter- or Marvel-related items, I know she would love it", Canning wrote on Facebook.

It comes as the Free Derry corner was repainted with graffiti to disown those responsible for the killing.

A group of six men, understood to be members of Saoradh - which is associated with the New IRA, stood outside the office while the protest took place, while PSNI officers were also present.

"They are not a representation of republican people in this town".

Ms McDonald also told the crowd that Northern Ireland's current political "stalemate can not continue".

The Good Friday Agreement was the result of intense negotiations involving the United Kingdom and Irish governments and Northern Ireland's political parties.

Ms McKee was wounded while standing near a 4x4 police vehicle.

Vigils have been held across Northern Ireland and people have paid tributes to her by signing books of condolence.

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