Missing college student from N.J. found dead in SC

Missing college student from N.J. found dead in SC

Samantha is no longer with us but she will not be forgotten, ' wrote Seymour Josephson, a sales manager with a technology company.

Josephson had numerous wounds to her head, neck, face, upper body, leg and foot, according to arrest warrants released Sunday by the State Law Enforcement Division.

Holbrook also said the child safety locks in the Impala were activated, which would make it hard for anyone to open the back doors from the inside.

Nathaniel David Rowland, 24, was charged with kidnapping and murder.

Josephson was reported missing by her roommate on Friday at around 1:30 p.m., according to police.

Told, Columbia Police Department Chief Skip Holbrook during a news conference Saturday: 'She had, in fact, summoned an Uber ride. He was being held in the Richland County jail.

The police have not yet revealed how Samantha was killed by Nathaniel David Rowland.

Holbrook said hunters found Josephson's body late Friday afternoon off a dirt road in rural Clarendon County, which is about 65 miles (105 kilometers) southeast of Columbia.

The police found Samantha's smartphone inside the auto along with bleach, a window cleaner, and anti-bacterial wipes.

"Peggy and I are devastated and crushed over the Josephson family losing their attractive daughter Samantha". When a black vehicle pulls up to a parking spot, she takes several steps toward the auto, opens the back right door, and gets inside, the video shows.

Chief Holbrook said police had spoken with Ms Josephson's family and would support them as the case continued. There is nothing tougher than to stand before a family and explain how a loved one was murdered.

"It was gut-wrenching. This is personal to us".

Holbrook says quick DNA testing determined Josephson's blood was in Rowland's auto after his arrest Saturday near the same bar district in Columbia where Josephson was kidnapped the night before.

After a frantic day of searching for the missing student the school had earlier confirmed she was dead.

"I will miss and love my baby girl for the rest of life", Seymour Josephson wrote.

"It's only one ME", he wrote in one of the posts. I sit here and cry while looking at the picture and write this, ' Josephson continued.

Local news outlets reported that Josephson was set to graduate in May with a political science degree.

The safety guidelines of Uber advises its users to always double check the car's license plate, driver match, and its description before they get inside the vehicle.

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