Trump threatens to close Mexico border, seeks Congress action

Trump threatens to close Mexico border, seeks Congress action

The three "don't do anything for us", he said.

The threat to close the border, which handled some $612 billion worth of trade in 2018, sent shivers through the economy, and drew warnings from allies of the president.

Auto companies have been warning the White House privately that it would lead to the idling of U.S. plants within days because they rely on prompt deliveries of components made in Mexico.

"There's a deep disconnect, or even a pathology of sorts, festering at the core of the Trump administration's response to the humanitarian crisis at the southern border", Plum Line columnist Greg Sargent wrote Wednesday.

A border closure would squeeze United States corn, soybean and dairy farmers, too, if they can't ship their produce into Mexico.

On Tuesday, Mexico's foreign minister - Marcelo Ebrard - acknowledged the slow down was becoming a problem, but said a complete shutdown of the border is not expected.

"He's taking his job as the commander in chief very seriously in terms of protecting the American people", White House spokeswoman Sarah Sanders said. "Mexico is the main source, and if Mexico were shut out, prices would go up and maybe you wouldn't be able to get guacamole", Jungmeyer said. Late Tuesday, Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow said the administration was considering ways to limit damage, telling CNBC one idea might be to find ways to allow freight across the border to "ameliorate the breakdown in supply chains".

Republican Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell joined Democrats in warning Trump against such a move.

DHS sending 750 more agents to U.S.-Mexico border over 'influx'

"The building of vehicles requires 100 percent of the parts to be there", she said, adding that seat belts, engines, transmissions and wiring harnesses are all brought across the USA border.

More than 60 percent of all Mexican winter produce consumed in the United States crosses into the country at Nogales, Arizona. She said virtually all USA auto production relies on some key parts from Mexico or Central America, and these products are brought into the United States on trucks or trains. She also ordered the expansion of a pilot program to make asylum-seekers wait in Mexico while their cases are pending.

Mexico "made a big step over the past two days", he said, adding that they would have to continue if they don't want the border closed. He said the government had not drastically changed its migration strategy following the shutdown threats. Detention facilities are already overwhelmed.

On Monday, Nielsen ordered an "emergency surge" of personnel to deal with the situation, including moving 750 staff to areas of the border where the migrants arrive.

US Customs and Border Protection estimated that some 100,000 migrants were apprehended or encountered at the border in March, the highest level in a decade.

"Right now, the system is on fire", a senior department official told reporters Tuesday morning.

On Monday, DHS said it would dramatically ramp up that program, despite court challenges.

The National Association of Manufacturers and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce said the solution is a broad bill that would combine security with amnesty for millions of illegal immigrants - and perhaps a new flow for guest workers. Chile and Peru supply most of the rest. As the largest trading partner of the United States, Canada would be severely impacted.

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