U.K. Parliament gets new chance to offer options on Brexit

U.K. Parliament gets new chance to offer options on Brexit

The Sun newspaper reported that 170 of her 314 Conservative lawmakers had sent her a letter demanding that Brexit take place in the next few months - deal or no deal.

Why Did MPs Reject the Deal for the Third Time?

Conservative MPs have been given a free vote, but Cabinet ministers will be told to abstain. There may be composite motions that combine some of the most popular measures, including a softer Brexit and a second referendum. "I am confident that the prime minister's deal would win the day".

If repeated in an election, that would leave Labour the largest party, although shy of an overall majority.

His comments come as Ireland is set to face increasing pressure this week over the issue of the Border in the case of a no-deal Brexit. Before April 12, Parliament must pass May's deal, agree to a different plan, or face the threat of leaving the European Union without one.

In a bid to break the impasse, lawmakers took control of parliamentary proceedings and were set at vote at 8 p.m. (1900 GMT) on four options ranging from staying in the EU's single market to revoking the formal divorce papers to avoid a no-deal exit.

Softer Brexit: Parliament considered several measures that would enable a softer Brexit.

However he admitted deciding to vote for it on Thursday before being talked out of it by friends.

British parliamentarians held another round of "indicative votes" on Monday, failing again to find one plan that can command a majority.

Indicative votes return for a second round as MPs search for an alternative to May's deal. It allows continued participation in the single market and a "comprehensive customs arrangement" with the European Union after Brexit - including a "UK say" on future European Union trade deals - would remain in place until the agreement of a wider trade deal which guarantees frictionless movement of goods and an open border in Ireland.

Over the weekend, a bloc of 170 Conservative members, including 10 cabinet ministers, wrote to May demanding that Britain leave the European Union.

With just 12 days until the United Kingdom must come up with a new plan or crash out of the bloc, the House of Commons was considering a variety of options. Labour is eager to go to the voters and such a move might persuade the European Union to extend the Brexit talks for a second time.

"It is not the responsible thing for the government to do to leave without a deal", he told BBC TV, adding that he would have to quit the Cabinet if that became government policy.

A no-deal Brexit would mean cutting ties with the European Union immediately and defaulting to World Trade Organisation rules for trade.

Mr Boles said the Labour decision to whip in its favour gave it "a real chance of winning the majority that has eluded the PM". That could help the government to circumvent the Speaker's ruling that May cannot bring her deal back unchanged.

Ms Emily Thornberry, a foreign affairs spokesman for the opposition Labour Party, said it could try to call a vote of no confidence in Mrs May's government.

UK Conservative Party chairperson Brandon Lewis.

The government is considering holding a runoff vote between May's deal and whatever gains the most support on Monday. In this case, the most likely scenario is a general election. May's latest threat: If her Conservative members don't rally round her deal, she will call for a general election.

But he added: "We might be driven to it later".

The chief executive of industrial manufacturer Siemens U.K.is imploring British lawmakers to unite around a compromise Brexit deal, saying the country's political chaos is making the U.K. a "laughing stock". However, a general election will need the approval of at least two-thirds of the British Parliament, and there's now no appetite for it in the Conservative benches.

In a unusual twist, though, at least one SNP MP won't be able to back the plan on Monday, despite his party's instructions.

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