Warren Releases 2018 Tax Return, Reveals $900K In Income

Warren Releases 2018 Tax Return, Reveals $900K In Income

In releasing the documents, Warren joins fellow senators Amy Klobuchar and Kirsten Gillibrand as the few Democratic front runners who have opted to make their returns public, according to a running tally being kept by Mother Jones.

Her 2018 tax filing can be seen below. With Congressional Democrats embroiled in a standoff with the White House over the release of President Trump's tax returns, the party's White House hopefuls will likely face pressure from activists to set an example and release their tax information. Elizabeth Warren who on Wednesday became the latest candidate to release her 2018 federal tax returns, paid about $231,000 after deductions on an adjusted gross income of almost $850,000 between her and her husband, the documents show. Elizabeth Warren released her 2018 tax returns, becoming part of a small group of candidates in the crowded Democratic primary field to do so.

Warren and her husband, Bruce Mann, jointly reported a gross income of about $900,000 on their return, with Warren reporting income of $176,280 for her job as senator and about $325,000 from her writing career.

Warren previously released 10 years of tax returns last August.

In a statement, Warren touted anti-corruption legislation she introduced past year that would require elected officials and candidates for federal office to make public more robust information about their taxes and other financial dealings.

Citing a worsening "crisis of faith in government", Massachusetts Sen.

Warren's returns also showed more than $4,000 in interest income alone from bank, the report said.

The documents showed that her assets, tucked away in retirement and investment accounts, range in value from $2.59 million and $8.38 million. According to the filing, she also received a $300,000 advance for her book, "This Fight is Our Fight".

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