Australia's election shock shows how the Tories can seize victory

Australia's election shock shows how the Tories can seize victory

Morrison, who emerged as an unlikely leader after Liberal party infighting previous year, cast himself as the candidate who would work for aspirational voters and the tactic seemed to strike a chord.

Adani Mining Chief Executive Lucas Dow said the state Labor government, which has repeatedly extended environmental reviews of Adani's Carmichael mine, should learn from Labor's defeat in Queensland, listen to its own voters and let the mine go ahead.

Until Saturday, Newspoll had accurately predicted the victor of every Australian state and federal election since its inception in 1985.

While counting was still ongoing, the Liberal National Coalition was predicted to win 76 seats in the 151-seat House of Representatives.

Newspolls are published every few weeks and are reported by the Australian media like a game score of the government and opposition's popularity and achievements.

"Saturday wasn't Labor's night but the sun still came up the next morning", Bill Shorten, who stepped down as Labor leader on Saturday night after the loss, wrote in The Sydney Morning Herald on Monday. It went into the election as a minority government, with just 73 seats. "It was bold. And I think perhaps we didn't have enough time to explain all of the benefits of it to the people who would benefit", Plibersek said.

Still, Shorten's move to concede defeat late Saturday night confirmed a resounding victory for the Morrison administration.

"I give thanks to live in the greatest country in all the world", he said. Experts say that since more and more people in Australia have begun to use mobile phones instead of landlines in the past few years, it has become more hard for pollsters to obtain voter samples that are reliable throughout the vast expanse of the country.

In his victory speech, Mr Morrison paid tribute to "the quiet Australians" who voted for the Coalition.

It said it paid out $1m (£786,290) early to those who bet on Clinton and $4.5m to those who bet on Donald Trump.

"The prime minister led from the front", Frydenberg told ABC TV.

"He crisscrossed the country with great energy, belief, and conviction". Rather than frame the election as a battle between him and the more outgoing Morrison, Labor strategists instead pushed a broad platform of policies.

Mr Shorten promised to cut tax breaks for the wealthy and to lower greenhouse gas emissions.

Mr Morrison campaigned primarily on economic issues, often doing so alone while painting the election as a choice between himself and Mr Shorten.

"I'm disappointed for people who depend upon Labor, but I'm glad that we argued what was right, not what was easy", Shorten told supporters.

Shorten would have been Australia's sixth prime minister in six years had he been elected. Many Australians have at least welcomed Morrison's announcement of a change in Liberal policy in that the party can no longer dump a prime minister by internal party vote, meaning they will lead the country for a full three-year term unless an early election is called.

Sportsbet handed out more than A$1m (£540,000) to those who thought that the opposition Labor Party would win, two days before Saturday's vote.

Bookmakers had Labor at odds as short as $1.16 to $1 to win government, with the coalition as long as $5.50.

It has been the Coalition Government - a coalition made up of the Australian Liberal Party (which uses the word "liberal" not as a synonym for "progressive" but rather as a centre-right party) and the National Party of Australia - which has shut down Australia's climate and clean energy policies, hampered development and financing of clean energy, and fostered continued support, both financial and political, for fossil fuel projects, primarily coal.

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