Biden calls Trump a 'clown' - Biden calls Trump a 'clown'

Biden calls Trump a 'clown' - Biden calls Trump a 'clown'

"No other candidate received even one minute of evening news airtime in April", Mr. Noyes wrote. The result was the same across both parties and independents. "She received four million more votes".

About a quarter of all Democrats said a White House candidate's age did not matter.

He's literally the least progressive major candidate.

The former vice president Joe Biden on Saturday referred to President Donald Trump as a "clown" after a supporter asked the former vice president whether he would return Trump's insults. So far, they appear to be defying concerns about age as they sit together atop public opinion polls. The launch came amid a diplomatic breakdown between the US and the North.

The survey conducted by Morning Consult finds that Biden is the first choice of more than a third of voters who plan to cast a ballot in their state's Democratic primary or caucus. But 20 years ago, I wouldn't.

Neither the site's creator, the Biden campaign nor Google immediately responded to requests for comment. After the allegations were made, the former vice president vowed to be more respectful. And to a child, to a grandchild, they said, pop has to do this.

Elleithee took several several of his own shots at Sanders' campaign on Perino's show, saying "he entered this race as a frontrunner, but I would argue, probably has lost the most and has the most to lose of anyone in the field right now".

Joe Biden has opened up an enormous 32-percent lead over Bernie Sanders, his closest Democratic rival, according to a poll released Monday.

The average Biden lead over Sanders minus the Monmouth poll?

"And for me, that means that we decide that we are a nation of laws".

His remarks while campaigning in New Hampshire evoked former Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, who said if funding for the State Department is cut, "then I need to buy more ammunition". Twenty-three percent said they were less likely.

She said she remained uncertain whether to support Sanders, Biden or another candidate. "That will be the determining issue when we actually start voting". 'I don't care what age you are'.

Former Vice President Joe Biden's wife said Tuesday it is time for people to "move on" regarding Anita Hill and the way she was treated during Justice Clarence Thomas's 1991 confirmation hearing.

And he suggested the older Democrat is already showing his age on the campaign trail.

Trump tweeted on Saturday that his call with Putin the previous day was a sign of "tremendous potential for a good/great relationship with Russian Federation". "Joe Biden has a good feel for the American people and knows exactly what they really want deep down." it reads.

"But I knew her too". They were a very affectionate family.

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