Brock Lesnar RETURNS and WINS the Money in the Bank briefcase

Brock Lesnar RETURNS and WINS the Money in the Bank briefcase

Brock Lesnar has captured the 2019 Money In The Bank briefcase.

The Hugger didn't sleep on her opportunity however as she chased in just hours later against the newly crowned champ Charlotte.

The interesting question now is, with the Superstar Shakeup behind us and Lesnar not specifically tied to one brand or another, is it a guarantee that he must cash-in the contract on the WWE Universal Championship?

Alexa Bliss is not medically cleared to compete at WWE Money in the Bank this Sunday, and has been removed from the Women's Money in the Bank Ladder Match.

Bayley made history as she won the SmackDown Women's Championship - achieving the honour of the first woman to hold every belt available to her in WWE.

WWE fans loved Bayley's victory as she came to aid of Becky as she was attacked by Lacey and Charlotte.

That gives him more time to focus on WWE even though he is expected to continue his part-time schedule. She was part of the WWE European Tour but did not wrestle during the live events. Lesnar rushed to the ring, knocked Ali off the ladder, then proceeded to climb and capture the Money In The Bank briefcase. Eventually, Edge emerged as the victor and earned the right to fight the champion whenever he wanted.

Rollins retained RAW's premier title at Money in the Bank where he defeated AJ Styles in a stunning encounter.

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