Environment Secretary Gove also in Britain’s PM race

Environment Secretary Gove also in Britain’s PM race

Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt called her a "true public servant" and Chancellor Philip Hammond said it had been a "privilege" to serve alongside her.

More fundamentally, Stewart appears attempting to bring the country together by reclaiming the moderate, progressive center-ground politics in a way that neither Johnson nor McVey is trying as hard-line Brexiteers.

Prime Minister Theresa May making a statement outside at 10 Downing Street in London.

President Emmanuel Macron of France has urged "swift clarification" on Brexit after the resignation of UK Prime Minister Theresa May.

The plan was defeated three times in Parliament, rejected both by pro-EU opposition lawmakers and by Brexit-supporting Conservatives who thought it kept Britain too closely bound to the bloc.

"I like her very much", said Trump who is due to meet May on a state visit to Britain June 3-5. Thus, she was short-changed particularly when ministers started resigning and that meant she didn't command the loyalty that was needed.

What led to all this was the Prime Minister's blinkered vision and narrow-mindedness in wanting to stick to implementing, chapter and verse, the results of the 2016 British referendum to get the United Kingdom out of the European Union.

A dividing line has emerged between candidates like Mr Johnson, who say the United Kingdom must be ready to leave the European Union on October 31 without a deal, and those who oppose a no-deal Brexit.

Scottish National Party MP Ian Blackford - who is the party's Westminster leader - has told the BBC that Mrs May's resignation has been "expected for some time" - but that it now causes problems with regards to the Brexit timeline.

Although the party has refused to be drawn on who it would back as the next prime minister, Mrs Foster said the DUP would be "listening carefully" to leadership pitches in relation to how they view the Irish border backstop.

The bookies have former Foreign Secretary and Mayor of London, Boris Johnson (11/8) as favourite to succeed Mrs. May.

He was also the front-runner to take the keys to Downing Street after the Brexit referendum - but stumbled at the finish line. But a list of likely contenders has already emerged, with some hopefuls having already stated their intentions to run.

Parliamentary party members will begin whittling down the field of contenders to a final two from June 10.

Former House of Commons leader Andrea Leadsom and former Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab joined the fray yesterday.

Mr Hunt claimed his business background will help resolve Brexit as the race fired up with International Development Secretary Rory Stewart launching a strongly-worded attack on front-runner Boris Johnson.

In 2016, an eleventh-hour leadership bid from Mr Gove scuppered the launch of Mr Johnson's own leadership campaign, after a fall-out between the pair. Let's see how the next prime minister fairs on this crucial aspect.

For now, nothing is certain except that May's successor will have to pick up the pieces in the hopes of resolving an issue that has been dividing the country. Given favourable polls at the time, it seemed a sensible decision but a disastrous campaign saw her reduced to leading a minority Government. And analysts say that to do so, he or she may have little choice but to steer Britain toward what was once seen as a remote possibility but is increasingly viewed as a live prospect: a chaotic departure from the European Union with no agreement on what comes next. "Such a consensus can only be reached if those on all sides of the debate are willing to compromise". He said he expects Britain will remain stuck in political stalemate for at least another year, requiring an extension to its October 31 Brexit deadline. Britain's ruling Conservative Party must link the choosing of a successor to the ending of political turmoil.

If only one person puts themselves forward, they become leader with no need for a vote from members.

In a speech on Friday in Switzerland, Johnson gave a strong hint of the Brexit outcome if he wins.

"In government and in this job I have got to grips with preparing for a no-deal, it is a possible outcome".

This has been the "nuts and bolts" of Brexit ever since a deal was negotiated with Europe by the Prime Minister.

Inaugural plenary session of the new European Parliament (EP).

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