EU citizens in United Kingdom denied vote in European elections

EU citizens in United Kingdom denied vote in European elections

The leading social democrat candidate to head the EU Commission, Timmermans propelled his party to an upset win, taking more than 18% of votes.

"My name was on the list, as I have been on the electoral register for years, but crossed out", the 32-year-old, who did not want to reveal her second name, told the Press Association.

Saskia went home and rang her friend and business partner Lisa Shepherd, who is originally from Germany, who told her to research it and go back.

"I won't be able to vote", she said. "At least I know I'm not alone".

"I've been living for almost 25 years in this country and have voted in every election I was eligible for since".

He said he sent the UC1 form around April 20, which should have left enough time to meet the May 7 deadline but the Islington electoral services told him they never received the form. "Nothing they can do now", she wrote.

Meanwhile Martin Cadek, a PhD student at Leeds Beckett, said he didn't receive his ballot. "Called local council yesterday, they confirmed I could vote. I was told that I can't vote because a form to confirm that I really wish to vote where I live was required to be filled".

"The very short notice from the government of the UK's participation in these elections impacted on the time available for awareness of this process amongst citizens, and for citizens to complete the process", said the Electoral Commission.

The UK's election watchdog said if an European Union citizen wanted to vote in Britain rather than their home state, they had to transfer their right to do so 12 days ahead of the poll.

German national Johannes Hoffmann, 49, told Euronews that he showed up at his polling station and was turned away. To reassure voters, we have contacted all Presiding Officers to remind them of our guidance for determining voter eligibility.

Am I entitled to vote?

"A vote for Labour is a vote to bring our divided country together, whether you supported Remain or Leave".

EU citizens living in the United Kingdom have been denied the chance to vote in the European Parliament elections, with the Electoral Commission blaming "short notice" of the UK's participation in the polls. Voted many times before.

How and when do I vote?

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