Gotta catch 'em snores: Pokemon sleep app to launch next year

Gotta catch 'em snores: Pokemon sleep app to launch next year

Seriously. The Pokemon Company and Nintendo are working together to try to "turn sleep into entertainment".

Set to launch in 2020, Pokemon Sleep is being created by Select Button, the team behind Pokémon: Magikarp Jump.

Information so far is equal parts confusing and just downright unusual, but it seems as though Pokemon Sleep will work as a typical sleep tracking app.

Tonight's Pokemon press conference was light on game material, but we did get a confirmation and short teaser for a brand new mobile project.

Pokemon, with its business spanning videos games to movies to cuddly toys, is a home-grown Japanese contender for a Disney-style pop culture empire.

However, we did learn that a new cloud sharing system is being launched soon called Pokemon Home. While it may not be the most exciting game, it will likely make for a mildly entertaining companion piece to Go, especially if they can somehow find a way to connect the two experiences.

As if we needed more reasons to sleep, now we can literally train Pokemon in our dreams.

Pokemon Go players will be able to store Pokemon in the Go Plus + device and will alert them to nearby PokeStops.

Pokemon Home has a planned release date of 2020 for iOS and Android. Update, May 29: Adds details on other announcements from Pokemon press conference. With E3 2019 just a few weeks away, Nintendo will be eager to build as much Pokemon-based hype as possible.

Fans might hear a little bit more about Pokemon Home next week when the Pokemon Sword and Shield Nintendo Direct airs on June 5.

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