'Russia is not fire brigade to save Iran nuclear deal,' says Putin

'Russia is not fire brigade to save Iran nuclear deal,' says Putin

Speaking to reporters during a post-summit press conference in Vladivostok on April 25, Putin repeatedly suggested the main obstacle to progress in talks with the US remains the North's continued concerns over its security.

During a visit to Russian Federation on Tuesday, US Secretary of State Michael Pompeo said his country was not seeking war with Iran. "And here [in the EU] we need 27 countries to agree, it lasts for years and nothing happens", Putin said.

"I'm here today because President Trump is committed to improving this relationship", Pompeo told Lavrov at the start of their meeting.

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Putin made the comments Tuesday at the beginning of a meeting with Pompeo and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov.

Earlier on Wednesday Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov expressed concern that tensions over Iran escalated despite assurances from Pompeo that Washington was not seeking war.

At one point, North Korean state media even publicly criticized US State Secretary Mike Pompeo for being "reckless" and immature, and obstructing the negotiation process.

The agreement was signed in 2015 to curb the nuclear development of Tehran in exchange for lifting the UN Security Council sanctions, as well as the unilateral sanctions imposed on Iran by the U.S. and the EU.

Since then it has slapped sweeping sanctions on Iran in an all-out effort to reduce Tehran's regional clout. The aircraft carrier and its strike group are deploying to the Persian Gulf on orders from the White House to respond to an unspecified threat from Iran.

United Nations inspectors have said Iran is complying with the deal, and Moscow last week denounced new USA sanctions on the country's mining industry, calling for new talks to save the nuclear accord.

After several hours of talks between Pompeo and Lavrov - and another 90 minutes between Pompeo and Putin - Kremlin foreign policy adviser Yury Ushakov praised Pompeo for holding a "not bad, concrete conversation".

The US did not specify exactly what would constitute proof that Russian Federation would not intervene in the elections or what exact action was to be taken. Putin's willing to meet Trump, but here's been no official invitation so far, Lavrov said.

Pompeo's visit followed the publication of the long-awaited report by Mueller into the nature of Russia's role in that election that spoke of "sweeping and systematic" interference by Moscow but did not establish that members of Trump's campaign conspired with Russian Federation during the 2016 election.

"We of course heard President Trump's statement that he expects to hold a meeting with President Putin, " Lavrov said in the news conference.

"This has nothing in common with democracy", Lavrov said. Russian Federation and Iran have also been military allies in Syria, fighting side by side to help Bashar al-Assad to survive a nationwide insurgency.

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