Samsung Can't Confirm Galaxy Fold Ship Date

Samsung Can't Confirm Galaxy Fold Ship Date

If you are a Samsung fan, you must be delighted about the recent subtle leak that has recently got out about the forthcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 10 smartphones. If you do not want your order automatically cancelled on May 31st you may request that we keep your order and fulfil it later.

Below, there's a button customers need to click to confirm they'd like to keep their order. "As per USA regulations, we are required to notify customers that their preorders will be cancelled in the event the product has not been shipped by May 31st".

Samsung sent out emails to those who pre-ordered the Galaxy Fold, saying that its “making progress” and will release updated shipping info “in the coming weeks”.

Samsung's preliminary investigation suggested that some of the issues reported could be "associated with impact on the top and bottom exposed areas of the hinge".

For those of you who are not in the loop, Samsung encountered some display issues with the Galaxy Fold. After being rumored for years, Samsung partially revealed the device under the cover of a darkened stage last year, then it gave the phone a full reveal in February. Samsung has not confirmed that information and it appears that the revised release date will be announced later. Several tech reviewers found that their units' screens were breaking.

Truth be said, some reviewers are actually to blame for their display issues, as they tried to remove the protective plastic layer from the display. Samsung was required to issue the notification to U.S. buyers due to USA regulations, the company confirmed to Reuters. Samsung initially insisted it would still launch the device on April 26, but soon changed its mind and delayed its launch.

Did you preorder the Galaxy Fold? As for the human factor, the Galaxy Fold features a display with what looks like a pre-installed screen protector.

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