Sons of LeBron, Wade set to team up in high school

Sons of LeBron, Wade set to team up in high school

Sources confirmed the high school moves of Wade and James to the Los Angeles Daily News and ESPN. Both Wade and James have sons who are high school age and talented prospects on the court, and much like their fathers in 2010, Zaire Wade and Bronny James will apparently team up for the 2019 high school season.

The report adds that the elder James and his wife Savannah decided that moving to Sierra Canyon is a decision to ensure a better basketball future for both their sons.

LeBron set to start his freshman year in high school this fall, while Bryce Maximus is two years younger than him in school and will follow Bronny to Sierra Canyon. Also, Bronny - James' oldest son - will be playing with Dwyane Wade's son, Zaire, the Los Angeles Daily News reported.

Fellow NBA sons Scotty Pippen Jr. and Kenyon Martin Jr. recently graduated from the basketball powerhouse.

It's likely that Silver entertained Paul just to maintain his image as an approachable commissioner, as neither he nor anyone in the National Basketball Association league office has any power to decide who coaches a team, only serving as enforcers in case of fines or suspensions.

According to multiple reports, the two sure-fire Hall of Famers are looking forward to spending more time together over the summer. "He'll be around a lot more personally for me, so I'll love that".

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