State of emergency declared, evacuations ordered amid central B.C. wildfire

State of emergency declared, evacuations ordered amid central B.C. wildfire

The area on fire is described as being a mixture of both grass and timber.

Five firefighters will remain at the scene overnight to monitor fire behaviour.

Officials in Central British Columbia are feeling confident that they will be able to make some headway in their battle against a wildfire west of Prince George on Sunday - although changing winds may hamper their progress.

"There are evacuations for residents being assessed", she said.

Evacuation order and alert areas in Lejac, B.C.

Warm and windy conditions fanned the flames after the fire was discovered Saturday afternoon and the blaze has grown to 10 hectares, according to the BC Wildfire Service.

Forty firefighters, two helicopters and several pieces of heavy equipment are now deployed to fight the blaze. Thiessen said he thought about 40 people were in that area.

A dry winter and spring means the snowpack is low in the region, making it more vulnerable to fires, he said.

"We've gone since nearly Christmas - very early in January - since we've had significant snowfall. So we need to get moisture into the ground".

She also said that several people in her community were surprised to see a fire like this so early in the season.

"This is very unusual and it's concerning", he said.

Fraser Lake is 157 kilometres west of Prince George.

Residents of Fraser Lake B.C. watch smoke billow up from a wildfire on Saturday May 11, 2019.

There are now 20 BCWS firefighters on size battling the fire who will remain at the fire throughout the night.

The fire has also forced evacuation alerts to nearby communities.

Blower said 16 firefighters are on site along with air tankers.

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