United States abortion row: Donald Trump breaks silence, says he's "pro-life"

United States abortion row: Donald Trump breaks silence, says he's

Supporters of Alabama's abortion ban say they expect the law to be blocked in court, but hope that the appeals process will bring it before the US Supreme Court.

Performing an abortion would be a crime that could land doctors in prison for 10 to 99 years.

The law passed in Alabama allows no exceptions for rape and incest after six weeks, a measure that even some like longtime televangelist Pat Roberts have labeled too "extreme".

Since the ban was passed, well-known celebrities, activists, and even high-profile politicians have been sharing their disbelief online.

Sixteen other states are also seeking to impose new restrictions on abortion. At a time when Alabama is struggling to fund its schools, health care system, and infrastructure, we can not afford this costly and self-destructive attack on women that will ultimately be paid for with taxpayer dollars.

Trump has previously used abortion as a campaign talking point against Democrats, including using statements made by Virginia Governor Ralph Northam and Virginia Delegate Kathy Tram about a bill proposed in the state that would remove the words "substantially and irredeemably" from the current abortion law.

Her calls have sparked wave of abortion stories being shared across social media with the hashtag #youknowme. It bans abortion in nearly all cases unless necessary because of a mother's health.

"The Legislature has spoken", she said.

The president added that judicial measures, such as his appointment of conservative Supreme Court judges Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh, had helped to make abortion laws in various states more restrictive.

Earlier this year the governors of Georgia, Kentucky, Mississippi and OH signed bills banning terminations if an embryonic heartbeat could be detected. Now more than ever, we must unite against this unprecedented attack on our fundamental rights and freedoms.

Ozark actor Jason Bateman is also on the long list of celebrities appalled by the ban. But he's not, and he respects the rights of states to enact their own laws. And she was pregnant.

Hathaway's pro-abortion-rights post divided her fans.

"It put fear, I think, where there was a concern", she said. And no one needs to know the particulars of that but me and my Dr. Slightly more than half of Republicans disagree.

"Their action is both unconstitutional and shameful".

Women's reproductive rights defenders will gather in the capital, Montgomery, and in Birmingham, Anniston and Huntsville, to denounce the "Alabama Human Life Protection Act", or HB314, which virtually outlaws terminations.

The senior White House official said the president is the one with the "common sense solutions in railing against the extreme on the left and in not running all the way to Alabama on the right".

"I don't support the Alabama law, I believe there ought to be exceptions, I am pro-life but there ought to be exceptions", Sen.

The Republican-led Alabama Senate voted 25-6 to pass the legislation, which was later signed by Republican Governor Kay Ivey.

The American Civil Liberties Union and Planned Parenthood have vowed to oppose the bill in court, CNBC reported.

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