76ers should be thankful Anthony Davis heading to Lakers

76ers should be thankful Anthony Davis heading to Lakers

The team will have anywhere from $23.7 million to $32.5 million to spend.

Perhaps the biggest loser in the Lakers-Pelicans deal is the Boston Celtics. While it was being reported that the Lakers were not near the top of any free agent's wish list, that could change now.

The trade hasn't officially been completed, and isn't expected to go through until July 6 at the earliest, but we can still update the NBA Draft order knowing that the player taken by the Lakers on Thursday eventually will end up in New Orleans along with Lonzo Ball, Brandon Ingram and Josh Hart.

Plenty can happen from now until the official start of free agency next month, but when it comes to Philadelphia, it's still hard not to view them as the favorites at the moment to land Butler, especially now that Davis has made the Lakers possibility unlikely to happen. Haynes reports that Los Angeles has made Kemba Walker and Jimmy Butler their priorities in free agency. The Lakers could have a real chance to land either Walker or Butler if their own teams don't offer them full max contracts.

For teams across the National Basketball Association, the New Orleans Pelicans sweepstakes for Anthony Davis appeared to be an inevitable march to the Los Angeles Lakers. It's pretty convenient to say how much you love New Orleans now that your son has been traded there. Although the Lakers may have some issues creating a third max slot thanks to the timing of their Davis trade and his trade bonus, it seems more than likely that the Lakers will be looking into acquiring more talent. Perkins said, before predicting the Lakers will win the championship next season.

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