Air Canada flight: Woman falls asleep and wakes on empty plane locked

She then said she tried to call her friend, but her battery had died. When she awoke, the plane was pitch dark, CTV reports, and she was the only person on the plane.

"Air Canada called Monday and Tuesday, both people again ask me to repeat what happened, apologize for my inconvenience and say they will do an investigation bc they have checks in place that should prevent people from being locked on the aircraft at night", the Facebook post explained.

A woman said she woke up from her flight only to find the plane was empty and dark.

Tiffani Adams said the incident, documented in detail on Air Canada's Facebook page and now under review by the airline, took place on a June 9 flight from Quebec City to Toronto's Pearson International Airport. The passenger called it a "nightmare" scenario and said she's been suffering from anxiety and night terrors ever since. This is exactly what Tiffani did only to discover that her battery was almost dead and that there was no way to charge it, as the aircraft's power was turned off.

"I think I'm having a bad dream", she recounted in a Facebook post.

But her joy at getting it open was short-lived as when she looked out the door, she found herself looking at around a 50-foot drop to the concrete tarmac below.

Adams, who said the plane was parked far away from the airport terminal, eventually attracted the attention of a baggage attendant who brought a ladder truck to the plane to rescue her.

She said the attendant was "in shock" when he discovered that she had been left on the plane.

Now with a source of light, Tiffani went back into the cabin and figured out how to open the main exit door.

Incredibly, eventually a man driving a luggage cart nearby caught a glimpse of the flickering torchlight and started driving towards her. He is asking how the heck they left me on the plane ...

Adams states that once she was discovered an Air Canada vehicle drove her to Pearson where she was met by an Air Canada representative who asked if she would like a limo and a hotel for the night.

"I said 'My friend is trapped on the airplane, in the dark, locked in and she just woke up".

Canada Air confirmed Adam's account to NPR and said the airline is reviewing the incident.

When reached for comment, a Toronto Pearson International Airport spokesperson said, "We are aware of this passenger's story and we can certainly empathize with the concern she must have felt".

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