Breaking down the true and false in Trump’s Orlando campaign kickoff speech

Breaking down the true and false in Trump’s Orlando campaign kickoff speech

President Donald Trump launched his 2020 reelection campaign Tuesday (18 June), whipping up a crowd of at least 20,000 with a nationalist boast about the U.S. economy being the "envy" of the world and warning that opposition Democrats want to "destroy" the country.

Dannenfelser, who served as chair of Trump's pro-life coalition after securing four pro-life commitments from him during his 2016 campaign, said the president's "bold leadership has truly saved countless lives".

He said that the country has made significant progress during his presidency and all that is at risk if he were to be defeated in the presidential elections next year. Just last month, a Politico/Morning Consult poll found that Trump would lose if the election were held now.

The immigrant issue has been long drawn on Donald Trump's list of illegal immigrants and to make his country exclusively safe for American citizens.

Even for a showman president renowned for exaggerating achievements, insulting opponents and making wildly inaccurate claims, Trump's speech to 20,000 people at an Orlando, Florida arena stood out. We are going to keep on fighting for every man, and woman, and child all across this land. The victor of the Democratic primary beginning early next year would get to challenge him.

Trump also asked his outgoing press secretary Sarah Sanders to address the enthusiastic crowd. The former Senator from Tennessee, Bob Corker and former Governor of Ohio John Kasich previously does not preclude the possibility of participation in the election campaign officially in the fight never came, as former rival trump in the fight for the nomination as a Republican candidate for the 2016 elections Carly Fiorina and former Senator from Arizona, Jeff Flake.

According to Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, internal polling data shows Trump is doing better with Hispanic voters than he was in 2016. Mr. Trump is trying to exploit a shift among Democrats, casting it as the party of socialism in the hopes of appealing to voters-like Venezuelans-with ties to countries that have leftist governments.

Even after two-and-a-half years in the Oval Office, Trump remains focused on energizing his base and offering himself as a political outsider running against Washington.

Complaining about special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation, Trump said that he has been under siege for years.

Speaking about his political opponents, trump accused them of conducting "destructive policy". "They tried to ruin his life".

"I will continue to push back on Trump as he tries to instill fear in and bully our immigrant neighbours, friends and family". "They're interesting to look at", said one supporter who enters college in the fall.

"I don't spend time at fancy fundraisers", Sen.

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