Field narrows to six in race to become British PM

Field narrows to six in race to become British PM

His comments represent a u-turn in outlook as just months ago Sir Mark had said a no-deal Brexit would result in a 10 per cent rise in food prices, an inability of the police to keep people safe, and a recession.

So here we are facing an October deal or no deal.

Johnson, a former foreign secretary, won Thursday's ballot with 114 votes, more than the next three candidates combined.

Barnier repeated that Brexit was a "lose-lose" deal for both sides but that Brussels had to respect the result of Britain's 2016 referendum on European Union membership "while limiting the consequences, which are numerous".

Finance expert Frederique Carrier has argued that if Mr Johnson attempts to push a no deal after coming back from Brussels with no additions to the current withdrawal agreement, he could face a second vote of no confidence.

Mr Raab, who needs to add to his first round tally of 27 votes if he is to continue after the second round, also contrasted his background as a grammar school boy and the son of a refugee with ex-public school rivals like the Old Etonian Mr Johnson. But her allies say she has "not budged" in her view that the United Kingdom should not leave the EU unless a deal has been struck and that to do otherwise would "jeopardise the integrity of the Union".

"There is a clear way that the now effectively defunct Withdrawal Agreement can be disaggregated - the good bits of it can be taken out", he said.

Mr Johnson was initially silent on whether he would take part in televised debates, the first of which is set for tomorrow, leading to accusations that he is avoiding hard questions, in case any slip-up proves costly.

Meanwhile, Johnson yesterday agreed to take part in a televised debate with other contenders on Tuesday, the BBC said.

A new prime minister should be chosen by the end of July.

Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who pulled out on Friday, was last night on the brink of declaring, with friends saying that he was wavering between backing Mr Johnson or Michael Gove - although most expect ambitious Hancock to plump for the frontrunner.

Britain's businesses are being advised to prepare for no-deal Brexit after hard-line Brexiteers took the lead in the latest Conservative leadership vote.

Johnson dismissed growing criticism of his past refusal to speak to reporters and said he was ready to debate everyone left standing after Tuesday's vote.

"He keeps saying he will deliver Brexit by October 31 but how?"

In the light of a personal encounter with Mr Johnson I should like to appeal to local members of the Tory party, who will shortly be voting for their party leader.


The remaining two MPs will then appear on a final ballot, voted on by general members of the Conservative party.

All May's potential successors have said they could find the solution to the Brexit crisis which eluded her. Parliament has indicated it will try to stop a no-deal Brexit which investors warn would hurt financial markets and shock the world economy.

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