Florida Home Invaded by 11-Foot Alligator

Florida Home Invaded by 11-Foot Alligator

A family in Florida found themselves dealing with an unwelcome visitor Friday morning after a massive 11-foot alligator broke into their home overnight. The homeowner immediately called the police and a trapper responded to the scene to remove the gator. "I headed for the kitchen and as I got to the door of the kitchen, I had this attractive face staring at me as though he belonged there".

An 11-foot-long intruder couldn't help himself from searching for a late night snack inside a Clearwater home.

Photos show with its jaw wide open in front of knocked over chairs.

She said the kitchen table was destroyed and that it appeared the gator got into some of her wine.

Pictures posted on the Clearwater Police Department's Facebook page show the gator made a mess of the kitchen.

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