Girl, 12, Contracts Flesh-Eating Infection During Family Vacation

Girl, 12, Contracts Flesh-Eating Infection During Family Vacation

A 12-year-old girl who complained of muscle aches in her leg after a day at the beach was diagnosed with flesh-eating bacteria, a life-threatening infection that carries slim odds of survival.

Michelle Brown, the mother of the girl, said they arrived in Destin, Fla. on June 7 for a family vacation, but it stormed the first couple of days, so they weren't able to hit the beach.

Her mother, Michelle Brown, told WKRG-TV she had a pain in her right calf the following day, assuming it was only a charley horse. "We learned Kylei had a very serious infection and the surgery to remove the infection was to try to save her leg, but most importantly her life", said Brown in her Facebook post.

Kylei Parker scraped her big toe on a skateboard in IN, where she lives.

"If it wasn't for the quick responses and aggressive treatments, I wouldn't have her", Brown told CNN affiliate WXIN.

Her leg was swollen and she had a fever, according to the report.

"As they were doing the MRI, on her calf, they started to notice the infection had started spreading and running pretty rapidly through her body", said Brown to WFLA.

Now finally back home, Kylei still has a needle in her arm for her antibiotics.

As she digested that information, doctors suddenly announced Kylei had developed septic shock. She had a second surgery.

The 12-year-old is now on the mend, but will require further medical checks and physical therapy to completely recover. "She had a 3rd surgery, which they didn't find any more infection so they closed it, placing the wound vac to suction anything that may seep out of the incision". According to Kylei's mom, her daughter had stuck her toes in the water, just a few days after scuffing her toe on a skateboard.

Testing revealed that Kylei's body was responding to a potentially deadly and rare infection called necrotising fasciitis.

"Accurate diagnosis, rapid antibiotic treatment, and prompt surgery are important to stopping this infection". The disease kills 1 in 3 people who develop it, per the Indianapolis Star.

"Kylie is feeling better and stabiliziruemost, but she's still sick, and we have a long road to recovery".

"We are taking oral antibiotics as well as IV antibiotics three times a day and pain meds every four hours".

The woman believes that her daughter contracted the infection through a scratch on the toe, which hit the water during their trip to the beach in Florida.

Kylei Parker contracted a flesh-eating infection while on a Florida beach holiday with her family.

"It's just so hard seeing friends and family on the beach having fun, because we were there doing the same thing and I nearly lost her", she said.

Later, "I had to put her on my back and carry her around", she said. "It is CRITICAL to be aware of the signs and symptoms and getting treatment quickly", Michelle wrote.

Meanwhile, officials with the Florida Department of Health issued a statement about the reported incident.

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