Have you been saying Rihanna's name wrong?

Have you been saying Rihanna's name wrong?

This video of Rihanna saying her name is going viral and many are realizing they've been pronouncing her name incorrectly all these years!

Confused fans gathered on Twitter to discuss the video. See, a lot of people say "Ri-On-Na" or "Ri-Ahh-Na" when her name's actually pronounced "Re-Anne-Na". Naturally, fans are freaking over the fact that apparently, we've all been saying her name wrong for years! "I don't know HOW you guys be getting it wrong but damn".

Yes, she said it.

Rihanna's full name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty. Well, we can safely say that we all now understood how to get the name right. She further thanked Rihanna for speaking the name, since her daughter's name was Brianna, but everyone mispronounced it as Brionna.

Twitter is questioning their knowledge of Rihanna.

The Grammy victor, who has been busy promoting her Fenty empire in recent weeks, is subtly trying to tell us all how to pronounce her name.

Rihanna, 31, looks drop-dead-gorgeous in her new Vogue video, but it's her words that are grabbing everyone's attention.

In an interview with the New York Times, the singer said that she had moved to London to be closer her make-up company Fenty, who are based in France and Italy.

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