In Rare Rebuke To Trump, Senate Votes To Block Saudi Arms Sales

In Rare Rebuke To Trump, Senate Votes To Block Saudi Arms Sales

The Senate voted 53-45 on 22 resolutions created to halt the administration's pending sale.

CAAT called on International Trade Secretary Liam Fox to reconsider the export licences in accordance with the correct legal approach.

Last month Trump had bypassed Congress in an attempt to speed up the finalization of the billion dollar contract.

"I am also very concerned about the precedent these arms sales would set by having the administration go around legitimate concerns of the Congress".

In reference to the murder, in recent days a United Nations investigation called the involvement of the crown prince Mohammad bin Salman (Mbs), the main interlocutor of President Trump in the Middle Eastern region together with Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu, "credible".

The UK government on Thursday suspended new arms deals with Saudi Arabia after a court ruled they were illegal. It should not take tens of thousands of deaths and the worst humanitarian crisis in the world.

Opposition in Congress to closer U.S. Saudi ties escalated after the killing a year ago of U.S. -based columnist Jamal Khashoggi by agents of the kingdom.

Responding to the judgment, Labour MP Lloyd Russell-Moyle, who was in court to witness the ruling handed down by three of the UK's top judges, told RT that there now needs to be "a judicial review into the whole arms licensing system". But a small group of lawmakers has been voicing concern about the Saudi-led coalition's war in Yemen for years. "We can see that arms sales for use in Yemen are now being challenged internationally - in the U.S. and Europe - but this from a court in one of Saudi Arabia's top two arms suppliers takes that to a whole new level".

Shortly after the ruling, Fox made an emergency statement to the Commons and confirmed that the government would seek to appeal.

The UK High Court had ruled in July 2017 that the arms exports were "lawful".

Campaign Against Arms Trade argued that British bombs and fighter jets are fuelling violence in Yemen, where a Saudi-led war against Houthi rebels has raged since 2015. Such hypocrisy is a moral stain on the UK's global reputation.

Hook is now on a tour of the countries of the Arabian Peninsula, where he will hold talks with representatives of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Kuwait and Bahrain about the crisis in the region.

The weapon categories included for United Kingdom arms exports since the bombing of Yemen began include approximately £2.7 billion worth of ML10 licences for aircraft, helicopters and drones.

In a press meeting with Arab and worldwide media outlets on the sidelines of his official visit to London, Al-Jubeir said that "calm is required in the region, but we can not reach that end as Iran's hostile behavior has inflicted a great deal of harm".

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