International Yoga Day Celebrations at IARI, Delhi

International Yoga Day Celebrations at IARI, Delhi

The yoga day events will also initiate the process of mass contact programme by senior BJP leaders and ministers to make the citizens of Delhi aware about "people-friendly" policies of the Narendra Modi government, sources said.

Apple customers will be able to complete the challenge and earn the rewards by recording 15 minutes or more of Yoga workouts to the Health app via any app that records Yoga workouts to the Apple Health app.

Sirisena also shared a video in which he could be seen performing various asana including Vriksasana and Bhujangasana. The Ministry of AYUSH, nodal ministry for observation of International Day of Yoga across the country, is organising several events in the city.

Service dogs and their owners serving in the Indian National Army took time out on International Yoga Day. "There are similarities between instructions inspired by Buddhism for conducting a healthy life", he said in Sinhalese. "Yoga should be adopted as preventive measure", Modi said.

In his first year in power in 2014, Mr. Modi successfully lobbied the United Nations to designate June 21 International Yoga Day.

Appealing to people to take yoga to all sections of society, Prime Minister Narendra Modi Friday said yoga is above everything, as he performed various asanas with around 40,000 enthusiasts at the Prabhat Tara ground here to mark the fifth International Day of Yoga.

And they were luckier than many of their counterparts - they got to practise their yoga in cooler climes, along India's scenic Himalayan border.

While previous Indian prime ministers practiced yoga, none have embraced it quite like Modi. He also expressed concern about the rising heart-related problems among the youth in the country. "Good arrangements have been made for the participants", Das said.

Modi urged everyone to make yoga an integral part of the daily routine.

He stressed that for yoga to become popular, infrastructure for it must be strengthened. Some online commentators used the opportunity to compare Modi with India's first prime minister, Jawaharlal Nehru.

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