Iranian military claims to have shot down U.S. spy drone

Iranian military claims to have shot down U.S. spy drone

"Iran made a very big mistake!" tweeted around 3:30pm today.

Rhodes, one of the chief architects of Obama's Iran nuclear deal, took aim at Trump's handling of the country in a recent interview. Iran and its backers in Russian Federation have accused the White House of unnecessarily increasing tensions in the region, starting with Donald Trump's decision to unilaterally pull the US out of the global nuclear agreement with Iran and ratcheting up economic sanctions and blacklisting its state institutions.

Earlier Thursday, Iran's Revolutionary Guard claimed to have shot down a U.S. RQ-4 Global Hawk drone over Iranian airspace.

Trump also said the United States has documented that its drone was in global waters, not in Iranian territory, as Tehran has said. But we can't let Iran go on a rampage like this.

Mr Urban declined further comment. House and Senate leadership will also be briefed by administration officials.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu gave his backing to Trump, appealing to "all peace-loving countries" to support American efforts to halt what he called escalating Iranian provocations.

Tension between Iran and the United States has spiked since a year ago, when US President Donald Trump exited a 2015 nuclear deal between Teheran and major powers and reimposed sanctions on the country.

The attack on the drone comes at a time of heightened tensions between the USA and Iran, with not only the alleged attacks on the tankers, but with Iran threatening to step up its nuclear activities and the US working to exert maximum pressure through economic punishments. Tehran denies having been behind the attacks but has frequently threatened in the past to block the sealanes used by shipping to move much of the world's oil exports.

In Washington, talk of war has become part of the already heated atmosphere as Trump's reelection fight starts to gain traction. Saudi Arabia has also accused Iran of supplying the rebels with missiles and drones. Iran has rejected the accusations. "What are you supposed to do?"

"He added that reports the aircraft was shot down over Iran are "categorically false".

Trump's national security adviser, John Bolton, and secretary of state, Mike Pompeo, are hardliners on Iran, and some have raised concerns they will push Trump into conflict. Washington quit the accord, put pressure on other countries remaining in the accord to quit, and reimposed crippling sanctions on Iran.

Its deployment to the Gulf of an aircraft carrier task force as well as B-52 bombers, an amphibious assault ship and a missile defense battery has sparked fears of fresh conflict in the region. While the USA and its regional ally Saudi Arabia have blamed Iran for the incidents, Iran has denied responsibility.

Iran warned this week that it will breach uranium stockpile limits agreed under the Obama-era nuclear deal within days.

Iran said earlier that it shot down the drone after it violated its territorial airspace. We don't seek war, but will zealously defend our skies, land [and] waters.

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