Jessica Biel: ‘I am Not Against Vaccinations’

Jessica Biel: ‘I am Not Against Vaccinations’

The Sinner star told InStyle that she regrets showing off her body so much when she was young.

"My concern with #SB276 is exclusively regarding medical exemptions", she added, while explaining that her opposition to the bill was a personal one because it would reportedly "limit medical exemptions from vaccines". "I am not against vaccinations", she wrote on a recent Instagram post.

"I am not against vaccinations - I support children getting vaccinations and I also support families having the right to make educated medical decisions for their children alongside their physicians", the 37-year-old actress captioned her Instagram post Thursday morning, along with a snapshot of her outside the state capitol in Sacramento.

In The Daily Beast's story, Kennedy told the publication he didn't consider Biel to be anti-vaccine, but that she was for "safe vaccines and for medical freedom".

In April, the CDC confirmed the United States was amid the largest measles outbreak since the disease was declared eliminated in 2000.

In another photo, Kennedy and Biel posed with Democratic Assembly member Autumn Burke, with Biel commenting: "Great meeting with both of you today". According to the Daily Beast, Kennedy confirmed the news that he and the mother-of-one were fighting against SB-276, which would make it hard for families to be exempted from vaccinations. "She was very strong and very knowledgeable". Extremely well-informed. An extremely effective advocate. She's likely keen to dispense with the issue at this point and return to quiet life, but Jezebel reports word from an anonymous legislature staffer who suggests that Biel's talk of "dearest friends" might actually be something that she experienced personally.

She reiterated again that she is not anti-vaccination, and encouraged others to learn more about the issue. The couple share 4-year-old son Silas Randall.

Jessica Biel is clarifying her stance on vaccinations!

"Jessica is refusing to vaccinate him", the friend claimed.

Ya know, especially considering sources close to her previously revealed that she was once very adamant about her son, Silas Randall Timberlake, skipping his own mandatory shots. Speaking with Australia's about their baby boy, Jessicarevealed, "I would like our baby to inherit Justin's charm and his sense of humor". But vaccines don't prevent measles alone, as a Twitter user sadly wrote, "As an adult living with a disability from a vaccine-preventable illness I got as a toddler, I wont do anything that gives [Jessica] a single dollar you can use to imperil more kids".

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