Out-of-control cop threatens to shoot mom over a doll

Out-of-control cop threatens to shoot mom over a doll

The officer who swept the young man's leg is now on a non-enforcement assignment.

An Arizona couple filed a $10 million lawsuit against the city of Phoenix claiming police officers committed civil rights violations after video showed them allegedly pointing guns at the two after their 4-year-old daughter stole a doll from a dollar store last month. "I'm going to shoot you in your f-- face". "These conversations must continue until every one of our residents feels safe in our community".

"He was totally compliant, submissive even still not enough to save him from the ferocious violence of the police department", Maupin said. Police said they were made aware of the video on June 11.

The family claims they weren't aware their daughter had taken the doll until they were in their auto and on their way to a nearby apartment complex where their babysitter lived.

Officers located the vehicle at an apartment complex about a mile away and claim the "male driver" told officers he had stolen a package of underwear, which he had thrown out the window, and that he was driving with a suspended license. The officer reportedly also pointed his gun at Harper and her children.

In the 12-minute blurred-out video posted on the department's Facebook page, one officer can be seen handcuffing Ames, first on the ground and then against a police vehicle. The officer kicks Ames' feet apart and reprimands him several times. A very pregnant Harper gets out of the couple's auto with one of her small children in her arms. She also states that, in the moment, she handed her two children off to a "complete stranger" because she did not trust the police to have them.

One officer, now identified as Meyer, can be heard saying, "You're gonna fucking get shot!" Newly released police documents show that the cop involved was not completely honest in his report on the incident.

For starters, Officer Christopher Meyer, who wrote the report and is the man seen cursing at both parents, never mentions that a fellow officer held the mother and two young daughters at gunpoint.

The auto stopped at another road, one of the women got out and the vehicle then drove away. One officer said she had asked the couple for a ride.

In 2018, Maricopa County, which includes Phoenix, was involved in a record number of police-involved shootings, almost doubling numbers from 2017, according to the Arizona Republic.

Officers later found Biscoe and arrested her on outstanding warrants, police said in the reports.

While Ames and Harper were not arrested, they were taken to the police station and were detained for quite a while. The vehicle, a Hyundai SUV, was impounded. No injuries to the man, woman or two children in the vehicle were reported to police.

"You're going to f-- get shot!" the officer shouts back.

Authorities said the incident is under investigation.

Recently released video of Phoenix officers drawing their weapons on a family and threatening to shoot has led an internal police investigation and a $10 million lawsuit against the city and its police department. He had a gun drawn,"Ames told CNN".

Ames claimed in an official complaint that the officers approached his vehicle without warning lights or sirens, before jumping out and immediately threatening his family with their guns.

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