What To Expect At E3 2019

What To Expect At E3 2019

Sorry, Nintendo Switch fans, Bayonetta 3 is not coming your way this year (more on that later).

Sony is so focused on 2020 and beyond they are skipping out on E3 2019.

Even before EA play begins, the publisher has had some news to share.

That means we can probably expect a lack of surprise game announcements or trailers for titles that won't be released this year.

Fellow shooter Gears 5, in fact the sixth entry to the Gears of War franchise, is expected late on in 2019, while spin-offs Gears Tactics and Gears Pop were likewise E3 2018 debutants. We'll continue to update the article leading up to E3, but don't expect any further major developments, as the schedule seems to be largely locked in.

Back in 2016, the show was only about an hour long - and we've seen it increase in time every year since then, getting to the stage now where we're at a massive 120 minutes!

According to a new leak on Gematsu, the collaborative effort is an open-world adventure game called Elden Ring. Activision-also without a press conference-will, however, be talking about 2019's Call of Duty at the E3 Coliseum.

Microsoft is expected to make some big announcements at E3 this year with Google's game streaming service Stadia in its crosshairs.

With the potential of the first look at a new Animal Crossing game, as well as a peek inside the next set of Super Smash Bros. Heck, maybe we'll get a release date for Mario Kart Tour, Nintendo's next smartphone game, too. This all takes place on the morning of Saturday, June 8 in the US. But instead of a traditional press conference like it has held in the past, EA will be hosting a series of livestreams on Saturday to highlight some of its current and upcoming games.

What Time Does The EA Play Livestream Start?

We know that Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order will be there, as will Apex Legends (specifically, the reveal of Season 2), Battlefield V, the upcoming slate of EA Sports games, and "more". You'll be able to see the full list of discounted games here when it goes live.

Monday - June 10th: The day is ending with Square Enix from 6 PM PT/ 9 PM ET.

Nintendo - The Mario company is holding an esports tournament in Los Angeles.

The Xbox One E3 2019 press conference takes place at 9pm United Kingdom time on June 9.

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