Amazon Prime annual membership now just £59 ahead of Prime Day

Amazon Prime annual membership now just £59 ahead of Prime Day

This post will be updated often, so be sure to bookmark it and check back daily! The latter country is a new addition to Prime Day sales this year.

This is a special sale only for Amazon Prime Members, that lasts two days and the company boasts over a million deals.

What are the Best Prime Day Deals Today?

Even if you are not a Prime member, you may still be able to land a bargain during Prime Day. You must be a Prime member to take advantage of this promo. Here's the catch: a year ago Amazon ran a promo that took $10 off each of your first three Prime Now orders. It includes deals on several categories including electronics, home goods, apparel and sporting goods. Amazon represented a whopping 49.1% of US retail sales in 2018, per eMarketer.

Or are you not insane about shopping Amazon?

The made-up holiday, first held in 2015, has become one of Amazon's busiest shopping days, offering discounts on gadgets, television sets, and other goods. For starters, you receive free priority shipping while shopping on Amazon. Your best shot at grabbing the best deals is when the sale goes live right at midnight or early morning on July 15.

What to avoid during Prime Day 2019?

Dworsky warns that just because Amazon says it's a deal, doesn't mean you can't find a cheaper price elsewhere. You have 48 hours to snag these deals on a variety of items, and you never know exactly which items will be on sale until the sale begins. Every hour, big discounts will hit the homepage but there's limited stock of those and they're only on sale for a limited time. The service costs $14.99/month (this is in addition to your Prime membership fee) and lets you shop groceries and everyday essentials straight from Amazon. Some of your favorite celebs have partnered with Amazon to bring you prime Day savings and exclusives on top products and new releases.

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