Celebration Of Life for Beth Chapman open to the public in Colorado

Celebration Of Life for Beth Chapman open to the public in Colorado

Beth and her husband, Duane "Dog the Bounty Hunter" Chapman, filmed the upcoming first season of the WGN docu-series Dog's Most Wanted before her death.

"The last few moments she said, 'Come in here right now, in the bathroom, ' " he recounted.

"She said, 'Please, Hawaiian style, Duane Dog Chapman.' I tried to have her call me Dog for so many years".

"For two to three years, she knew this might happen", Chapman told ET. "She feels Beth's spirit around her, the whole family feels Beth will always walk with them as their own angel, and that is a huge comfort for them all", the source says.

It's been reported that Leland will have surgery next week, so it's a good chance he'll have to use crutches while attending Beth Chapman's memorial service on July 13.

The famed bounty hunter also revealed how both he and his wife needed therapy to deal with the reality of their situation after her health took a toll in September 2017, causing her to reveal her cancer diagnosis to close friends and family. But he has not yet been able to make himself scatter her ashes. "All my supervisors said, 'Dog, it's time you man up.' So I'm trying to man up".

"I looked at it and I thought, 'I'm not gonna throw you, like, away", he says, his voice cracking.

He added that he's found notes on his pillow case, in his sink, "She's still telling me what to wear". I have a lot of people who depend on me. The series took place in Hawaii and in Colorado, where Duane Chapman is from and the couple still owns a home.

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