Chevy Released an Official Image of the C8 Corvette's Steering Wheel

Chevy Released an Official Image of the C8 Corvette's Steering Wheel

Chevrolet confirmed July 15 that the 2020 next-gen Corvette will continue to wear the "Stingray" badge first reintroduced on the C7, and also showed off the upcoming car's new two-spoke steering wheel.

Some fans, for example, took to criticizing the functionality and design of the new steering wheel as soon as Chevrolet showed it off last week and implied it'd already soured them on the rest of the auto. Unfortunately, Chevy purposefully made this image a little blurry so I can not see if any of the steering-wheel-mounted buttons give away any unreleased info, like launch control or line lock.

We're just as excited as you are and we're lucky enough to be attending the reveal of the 2020 C8 Corvette in Orange County, California on Thursday, July 18. This is a good high-resolution shot but doesn't let out any information that people didn't already know. The seven generations of this emblematic sports vehicle have all had one key aspect in common: a front-mounted engine spinning the rear wheels.

Other than its odd shapes, the rest of the steering wheel is pretty typical with its large Corvette-badged horn button, silver posts, paddle shifters, and controls. It's vastly different than the steering wheels in previous generations of the Corvette. It's unclear what this button does, but if we were to guess, we'd suspect it's some kind of drive mode button.

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