China strongly opposes U.S. sanctions on Chinese firm over Iran oil

China strongly opposes U.S. sanctions on Chinese firm over Iran oil

"Within the event that they wish to make a deal, it's-frankly it's getting more hard for me to have to make a tackle Iran because they behave very badly", Trump mentioned.

The arrests arrive in opposition to the backdrop of heightened tensions with Iran, including the seizure of foreign tankers come the Strait of Hormuz, the downing of unmanned drones by both side and the nation's elevated makes an strive to construct nuclear weapons.

Trump has since embarked on a campaign to scuttle the agreement, including the reimposition of sanctions on Iranian crude oil that were lifted as part of that agreement.

On Monday, Iran's intelligence ministry acknowledged it had broken up a stare ring linked to the CIA last month.

In a statement read on state television, the Ministry of Intelligence said 17 spies were arrested during the Iranian calendar year that ended in March 2019.

Iran has claimed previously that it identified US spy rings in the country, including a similar network that it said it dissolved last month.

"The Chinese side has repeatedly stressed that energy cooperation between Iran and the worldwide community, which includes China, falls within the framework of global law and is reasonable and legitimate, and must be respected and protected".

Tehran also said it had sentenced some of the 17 suspects to death.

Suspects were arrested during previous months, an Iranian intelligence official told a press conference.

It was the first time in five decades a sitting secretary of state has addressed the convention. "I think everyone should take with a grain of salt everything that the Islamic Republic of Iran asserts today".

A recording discharged Sunday uncovered the strained minutes before the "Stena Impero" was seized by Iranian Revolutionary Guard powers rappelling from helicopters onto the ship's deck.

Zarif said Iran's actions were not in retaliation for the British capture of an Iranian tanker two weeks earlier in Gibraltar and he warned the West against "starting a conflict", saying Tehran was not seeking confrontation. The ship was captured near Gibraltar, and Britain has maintained that the vessel was rightfully held because oil shipments to Syria violate worldwide sanctions.

The Iranian reports do not specify how numerous alleged spies were set to be executed, or when that might happen. "Some countries have asked for the immediate release of the British tanker".

European countries including Britain have been caught in the middle.

But Washington's move is another shot across the bow that reflects the seriousness of the Trump administration's stance on Iran. The administration has threatened US economic sanctions on any foreign companies that buy or transport the crude. It's worth noting that Hunt said the plan would complement US operations in the area, but would be separate from them. Pressures between the U.S., Britain and Iran have spiked in the Persian Gulf area close to the Strait of Hormuz.

White House National Security Adviser John R. Bolton was in Tokyo on Monday and was expected to push for Japanese officials to contribute to the increased security and surveillance effort in the region.

According to data from government and trade sources, Asia's crude oil imports from Iran fell in May to the lowest in at least five years after China and India wound down purchases amid USA sanctions, while Japan and South Korea halted imports. The administration says the approach is working despite Tehran's continued provocations.

He said the Iranian economy was "dead and will get much worse", and described the county as a "total mess".

Tensions have been escalating between the USA and Iran after President Donald Trump withdrew in May 2018 from the nuclear pact world powers struck with Iran to curb its nuclear program in exchange for billions of dollars in relief from economic sanctions. He guided the agency through the heated worldwide negotiations over Iran's nuclear program and oversaw the implementation of intensified inspections of Tehran's atomic energy activities.

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