Colts make no selections in 2019 Supplemental Draft

Colts make no selections in 2019 Supplemental Draft

Thompson's production in college created the opportunity for his selection in the supplemental draft. "Any team picking a player today gives up the corresponding pick in the 2020 draft" - Tom Pelissaro via Twitter. Coming out of Ohio State, Pryor was an athletic marvel, but not the best passer.

Syracuse linebacker Shyheim Cullen, Northland tight end Devonaire Clarington and St. Francis defensive back Bryant Perry are the other players in the draft pool.

Whatever intrigue head coach Kyle Shanahan and his staff might have had, though, didn't wind up showing during the supplemental draft itself.

The 2019 @NFL Supplemental Draft has now concluded. If multiple teams chose the same player in the same round, the team with the higher priority would get said player. As for the players who weren't picked, they now become free agents.

As was expected, Thompson was the first player taken on the Supplemental Draft, and he also wound up being the only one.

Since the National Football League instituted the Supplemental Draft in 1977, only 45 players have been selected in total.

Will the Raiders Target WR Marcus Simms in the Supplemental Draft?

The question now is whether or not the Baltimore Ravens should place a bid on any of the players available, primarily these two.

As always, the prospects entering the extra draft process typically have an eligibility issue for the next season.

Simms had reportedly been given a draftable grade after three seasons at West Virginia, but was not anticipated to be selected due to character concerns. The Raiders could be interested despite the red flags.

Scouting report: At 6-0 and around 195 pounds, Simms has decent size and a somewhat skinny but athletic build. The victor loses that pick in the same round of the upcoming draft. Simms could be a good kick return option for the Raiders. During Wednesday's NFL Supplemental Draft, the Cardinals selected defensive back Jalen Thompson, out of Washington State University.

The Arizona Cardinals selected Thompson in the 5th round. But the Packers have been aggressive in overhauling their defense since the regular season ended, and clearly think enough of Thompson to use a pick on him even if he's unlikely to earn significant playing time this season.

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