Congressional committee files lawsuit seeking Donald Trump's tax returns

Congressional committee files lawsuit seeking Donald Trump's tax returns

CNN legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin knocked the Democratic chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee, as he accused Rep. Richard Neal (D-MA) of "jerking around" on retrieving President Donald Trump's tax returns.

"I applaud Chairman Neal for filing a lawsuit today for the Ways and Means Committee to obtain President Trump's tax return", said Larson, D-1 District. However, these requests and subpoenas were ignored. But Republicans themselves have used tax disclosure against their political enemies in recent years.

The Department of Justice in Washington on July 11, 2018.

"Delay is a victory for Trump", he added.

The panel insists that reviewing the president's financial records is not only necessary based on historical precedent - every president since Richard Nixon has voluntarily disclosed their tax returns - but is heightened by a need to understand Trump's extensive business dealings.

The White House did not immediately respond to request for comment.

In the lawsuit, Neal cites multiple statements from Trump lashing out at the IRS for "unfairly" auditing him, as well as press reports suggesting that the President has used "complex arrangements of his personal and business finances" to skate on his taxes.

University of Iowa Law Professor Andy Grewal, who has written on the subject, said Tuesday he predicts the House committee may find early success in the lawsuit, but that the Supreme Court would ultimately rule that it does not have the power to bring the lawsuit. "Courts may be hesitant to accept such a broad construction of the House's investigatory power".

Both Secretary Mnuchin and the Justice Department have argued that the Committee is not entitled to copies of the President's returns due to the fact that it lacks a "legitimate legislative goal".

The Treasury Department and IRS, suspecting the latter explanation is the true motive, have said they won't comply with Mr. Neal's subpoena.

It asked the court to force the administration to comply.

A House committee has filed a lawsuit in federal court seeking President Donald Trump's tax returns.

"The Democrats" partisan, flawed lawsuit continues their unprecedented and illegitimate pursuit to expose President Trump's private tax information, ' Representative Kevin Brady, the top Republican on Neal's committee, said in a statement.

The committee, led by Democrat Richard Neal of MA, believes this to be the first time the executive branch has ever failed to furnish a president's tax returns.

The lawsuit argues that time is of the essence. The legal victories in the Mazars and Deutsche Bank cases are subject to appeal, and it will be many months ― at the soonest ― before any documents are turned over.

The move thrilled activists who'd been begging for Democrats to escalate the fight.

Mnuchin said last month that his department wouldn't comply with House Democrats' subpoena, elevating the likelihood that the dispute would be resolved in the courts.

"That delay did nothing to strengthen the House's already strong legal hand, but can and will be used by Trump as evidence that there is no constitutional urgency here that would warrant a court expediting this case", Hauser said.

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