Democratic front runner Joe Biden speaks on health care in Sioux City

Democratic front runner Joe Biden speaks on health care in Sioux City

Levitt added, however, that Biden's plan would still leave "an inefficient and costly health care system in place", noting that 160 million Americans would still be stuck with high premiums and deductibles.

We already know Biden is relying on sentimentality for the Obama years as a central political strategy to winning the Democratic nomination and the presidency.

"California Democrats catch the national wave as native daughter Kamala Harris leaps from promising contender to prominent player putting her neck and neck with former Vice President Joseph Biden", said Tim Malloy, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll. Later in New Hampshire, he said "we should not be scrapping Obamacare, we should be building on it". Kamala Harris. New Jersey Sen. Biden, who has consistently led in early polling, is potentially the worst option for the party, they say, warning that Democrats could repeat the mistakes of 2016. For such activists, ObamaCare is the clunker they drive to work; Medicare-for-all - or something like it - is the shiny, sleek sports auto they want to own someday. In the end, the public insurance option from ObamaCare was scrapped due to intense opposition in Congress and a general sentiment against such a move by the American people.

Biden would pay for his healthcare plan partly by rolling back the Trump tax cuts for the wealthy and return the top rate to 39.6%, a senior Biden campaign official told reporters. So there is more money to lower the cost of purchasing insurance - and a public option similar to Medicare for those who want it.

"It's very different than turning to someone on a stage who says something that's so off the wall to me because I don't want to attack anyone on stage, that's not what I intend to do", Biden said.

The emerging divide between Biden and his progressive rivals could allow him to go on offense ahead of the next debates at the end of the month. Biden has spent the past several weeks on defense, reversing his position on taxpayer funding for abortions and highlighting his past work with segregationist senators. Harris's campaign did not respond to a request for comment. All the Medicare you have is gone.

He said as President he will protect the Affordable Care Act after others tried to take it away.

'I mean, jokingly. C'mon. "And so, there are differences". "They still are", Biden said in his video.

She explained that she interpreted the moderator's question as asking whether she'd be willing to give up her existing coverage as part of a single-payer model. Grassley said, "Racism is wrong", and that he wanted to promote civility.

If President Lyndon Johnson could implement Medicare in under a year back in 1965, with not even half the technology we have today, Sanders argued there's no reason we can't implement his more ambitious plan in 2019.

Monday night, former Vice President Joe Biden, a Democratic presidential candidate from DE, called President Donald Trump's tweets about four Democratic women of color serving in Congress "a flat racist attack".

Biden isn't the only public-option advocate running for president.

When the race started, Sanders and Biden were basically tied for first place with the rest of the field trailing them significantly.

"I think the second debate could make or break Biden", he said.

Biden is apparently betting that by campaigning against Medicare for All, and the socialist tendencies it represents within the Democratic party, he can win over moderate voters.

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