How to Set Google to Automatically Delete Your Search History

How to Set Google to Automatically Delete Your Search History

According to Google, users should start seeing the new auto-delete controls soon, and that they will come first to Location History and Web & App Activity.

In the current technologically advanced era where we use the internet for nearly everything, all the data is collected by companies from numerous sources. European Union regulators also fined Google $5 Bn past year after finding it guilty of compelling manufacturers to pre-install Google apps including Google Play and Google Chrome on Android devices.

Since tech giants like Google collect so much of the user's personal data, privacy and security concerns are growing significantly. You will only need to change these settings if you want to adjust the auto-delete frequency or disable it.

With these new controls, Google is providing users to delete its collection of location data every three months or every 18 months depending on your preference.

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When the feature was announced, Google said: "You should always be able to manage your data in a way that works best for you-and we're committed to giving you the best controls to make that happen". From here you can select to "Keep until I delete manually", "Keep for 18 months", or "Keep for 3 months". These should now be available on both Android and iOS.

And all of those settings only affect Google's consumer-facing records and personalisation. After these times the Location History and web and app activity are deleted automatically. Say, for example, you set it for three months.

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